Main kar sakti hain(मैं कर सकती हैं)

I can do it. That is the theme of life one has to feel and catch and keep feeling as long as one exists in the body. That is the key to a happy life. Money may come and go, relations, friends may come and go, but once you stop feeling “I can do it” you have died before death knocks your doors.

Hmm..well coming back to what drove me for writing this today is this movie “Tumhari Sulu”. Full of mind-blowing dialogues, story, flawless acting and such a positive attitude towards life and living life as it brings each day, making it a creative return gift to the god by responding uniquely to the events thru the day.

Yes, I am in love with this character Sulu from this movie. She can really face anything and everything that comes here way with courage. With great confidence she can stand for herself, her passion to be creative all the time. And yet she knows the limitations and responsibilities of the mother and the wife. It’s such a beautiful depiction of woman’s feelings who wants to achieve something without losing her homely feel and family. One does not really need to follow cheap tricks to get famous. Basically, she did not want to get famous, she just wanted to do something creative and be happy doing it. It brought her fame, and little money, that is a different matter.

But isn’t it the same thing we try to live our lives for? And yet, we keep forgetting it in the journey. Many a times we are triggered off by events around us that sometimes involve us very much actively and directly and at other times, passively and indirectly. But yes, we do need to respond to life with so much patience. And I really felt bad when her husband has to really look down (aankhe niche) to his new boss (his original boss’s great grandchild).

The happy chirpy household lady, keeps herself happy by doing this and that, keeping the thread of her life throbbing. She participates in small contests and feels happy when she wins it. It’s not the world that she has won, but her confidence of doing things creatively that she has lived and expressed.

Vidya Balan has very nicely portrayed the household woman, who is busy mothering to her son and busy “wifeing” her husband. And yet tries to fulfill her hunger for the creativity, without disturbing family life. Yet, at times, when some events happen she knows her priorities and can always move according to her set of priorities. Neha Dhupia also has done a great job by portraying her boss. It is very nice feminine connection between two women getting portrayed, where one can “read” and identify the fire and skill of the other and trust the same. Whereas Sulu, always thankful to her boss, trusting her instincts and listening to her and giving her a chance to have her say in a nice creative constructive manner.

Through-out the movie, not a single scene, I felt, was unnecessary one. Every small move on the screen was meaningful – it depicted something, it showed something. The pigeons presence was so unique, her connection to the pigeon, as if it was her house-member and she knew when it would reach home and when it will be out.

While leaving the theater, I was wondering, from where this character would have been portrayed? Who conceived this character that is so full of life? From where does this person keep getting energy and strength? She is not a meditator, she is not a great thinker or philosopher; she is a simple lively human being.

I remembered my moments when I have felt utterly tired, and I thought of this line that she has always said through-out the movie many times “main kar sakti hain” – I don’t like her sense of grammar. It is so bad – the correct sentence is “main kar sakti hun” But I must tell you, her line has confidence, more life and more creativity; especially when she utters it herself. I should always remember this, if Sulu can do it, I can do it too. Its just a matter of having confidence and also the ability to attend to unexpected comments where you are not used to face such words from strangers. Don’t forget her dialogues on the Radio Wow live, how she attends the callers. Mind boggling creative answers and handling them without bringing any disgrace. Hats off to the person who conceived such a character and hats off to Vidya Balan to portray it. I really loved the movie.



8 thoughts on “Main kar sakti hain(मैं कर सकती हैं)

  1. Thanks… I got encouraged with your analysis and it tempts me to book for this movie today itself.

    Yes. We get opportunities to learn from the movies and their characters, now a days these kind of stories are encouraging the strength of women and we all would get inspiration from these stories. This is a very good way of taking advantage of entertainment industry apart from only for sake of kill the time.

    Nice drafts.. please keep me updated for your future posts


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