How do I tell someone about Osho Rajneesh, if he doesn’t know about him?

My answer to How do I tell someone about Osho Rajneesh, if he doesn't know about him?

Answer by Abhivyakti Mirajkar:

The first thing, what is it in your INSIDE/INNER/MIND/HEART that you want to TELL OTHERS about Osho? First identify that.

Secondly, always keep in mind, if we answer the unasked questions we will be avoided because no one is interested in listening to it in the first place. People are more interested in listening about terror attacks and religion war and national pride and anti-national activists and so on… compared to the inner search. The inner journey is bestowed upon to only a few.

Thirdly, if you find that the person has asked something (that may not be directly related to Osho, but may be related to some other topic, and that topic is related to Osho, for ex: if someone talks about mind and thoughts and sleeplessness, and suppression, pain, then may be you can find  a link of such topics to meditation and thereby you can explain him/her about – that meditation can be a good help for his/her problem, and then you can introduce meditation techniques by Osho.

In fact, I do not find anything better than his meditations, to introduce Osho to everyone who does not know about it. People are in pain many times, and also appears that they are trying on their level best, to come out or to resolve the problems but unless the main problem – the mind – is understood, the problems can not be resolved.

Just one important thing to remember – whenever you suggest people about Osho. … don't just suggest plainly about reading his books. That is NOT THE WAY. Always suggest that the meditation techniques and reading his books should always go hand in hand. Because simply reading his books may appear very charming to the mind but that will not really resolve the problems of the person – if the active meditations are not performed. So first deprogramming – that happens via meditations and then reading his words, then they are like bliss showering…

And HE himself has said this so many times, if you read my books only – you will only become knowledgeable. But simply being knowledgeable is not enough for the journey of the seeker. One needs to grow in all dimensions,  and meditation is the only solution to that.

How do I tell someone about Osho Rajneesh, if he doesn't know about him?


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