Month: July 2016

Each Particular Perception is Limited – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

O Shakti, each particular perception is limited, disappearing in omnipotence. 

Whatsoever we see is limited, whatsoever we feel is limited, all perceptions are limited. But if you can become aware, then every limited thing is disappearing into the unlimited. Look at the sky. You will see a limited part of it, not because the sky is limited by because your eyes are limited, your focus is limited. But if you can become aware that this limitation is because of the focus, because of the eye, it is not the sky that is limited, then you will see the boundaries melting into the unlimited. Otherwise existence is unlimited; otherwise everything is melting into something else. Everything is losing its boundary, every moment waves are disappearing into the ocean – and there is no end to anything and there is no beginning. Everything is everything else also.

Limitation is forced by us…

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Be Aware of the Golden Light – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light.

Now the Isa Upanishad reminds the seeker that: be aware. When you enter into the world of absolute reality you will come across a golden veil, very beautiful, so beautiful that many have become enchanted and stopped there. 

The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light.

All darkness disappears and there is such a golden light, so psychedelic… you have never experienced anything like it. You think you have come home. Wait, beware: this is just the light that surrounds the reality. You have to penetrate this light to reach to the very center of reality. When you come close to a flame, the flame is surrounded by golden light. Remember, the golden light radiates from the flame, but the golden light is not the flame itself. When you look at the sun you see a golden light radiating…

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