Are we doing well, mentally??

I attended a program called Manatarang recently. I am writing this as my experience of the program as a participant in the audience. It was a pleasure to be present for this program. And it was an absolute joy to keep listening to what was being shown, and discussed.

Well, It was a program about how we are living our daily life, how, as a human being, we are kind of degrading today (these are my words, do not hold responsible for the program presenters for this). We are running after money, because money is a necessity as always. But then, while being busy in earning money, we forget how to keep ourselves mentally healthy and integrated. Though, we talk about its importance, though we say we are educated and we are doing something for it, we are working on it, when it actually comes to behavior, how much of the work is actually being done in that dimension? When it comes to “performing” in our own work/teams/office/school/studies, how many of us are actually treating everyone else as humans? (Me included).

I rather, started questioning myself, would I be ready to visit a psychologist/psychiatrist if I am always feeling stressed out, and many of the times I keep facing the situations at work, and the task becomes the question of life and death because it comes from the manager in that way. The pressure is so much, that everyone is told “You have to perform”, “You have to be perfect right at the first try”, “We have to do this because the client is very very important”, “You have to get 99% marks in the HSC board because that is very very important” and so on.. The list will keep growing, if more people add such situations from their lives.

 And how many of us would go to a psychiatrist to see or treat our own mind? And there is nothing wrong in it. We do something like this for our physical body so often (and for our parents or elderly people as well). We do visit doctors just for check up even when we are not showing any sickens symptoms. Why can’t we go for a mental check up? Is my mind in its perfect health? What can I do for myself and my family’s mind?

In fact, in the eastern continent, especially in India, Yoga has been there since ages. Yoga actually means the connecting mind and body and thereby attaining peace in such a perfect balance. But these days yoga is merely a physical exercise. In India, there has always been a lot of thought and processing over how should the lifestyle is, but time and again, we are going away from that. The more modernization we face, the more technical advances we do, somehow some basic things have started getting omitted from our lives. Though we take pride when someone outside India starts doing Yoga, but are we able to practice everything that originated in India?

And the program reminded me of all those mental hassles that one goes thru in the daily routine of life.

 It basically was scheduled in 3 sessions:

1) Coping with stress

2) My Family My Strength

3) Magic of Empathy.

 The program was held in the Auditorium of the Modern College of Engineering.

The presenters were Anand Nadkarni and Sukhada. Along with them, in each session, other personalities from the education field, psychology field, actor/actress (how they faced and resolved such situations in their field) were also called as contributors to the discussions. The program started with very Hindi song of Raj kapur, taking people away from themselves from the present moment very easily. The program followed this pattern of showing an audio-visual clip that represented a particular aspect of human behavior. The clips were taken from movies, advertisements and generally what is available on the net freely. But the way it was used, it was so much mind-blowing, that my perception or my point of view for SEEING those clips (and movies) has changed and probably forever. How we are affected by so many small things that happen around us, how we are affected by appreciation or presence of someone supporting us and so on…Yes, we all know that we are more stronger when we have people to support us. The fact is not new, but we do not know how to deal with things when there is no one to support us. Especially when coping with stressful events of life, be in office or outside office. Dr. Godse’s comments on the topic were really good and insightful.

 The third session about empathy was another world in itself. Not that we do not know how to empath, not that we never do it, but in the daily event of “priority setting” many a things take a backseat and this is one of them. How can we forget the famous “jadu ki zappi” scene from Munnabhai MBBS movie. I am sure; everyone must have enjoyed that shot while watching the movie, when Munnabhai hugs the sweeper, after asking his name.

In the third session Dr. Aruna’s small stories, (which were rather real life events) and the other points that came up in the discussion were so much encouraging that I questioned myself, how many times did I do this in life? There were quite some instances that I did it, but there were other so many instances that I didn’t.

 It will be a too long text if I write every detail of the event and the discussion. And the purpose of this sharing is not to give full report of what happened and what was discussed in the program but rather what triggered in me? How I felt after coming home, after the event.

 Aren’t we a prey to our desires and a lifestyle that we are living and the way we are living? Can we change it? Can we grow taller than our desires? Can my mind or awareness grow taller than my desires of having a huge house/lot of money/other necessities of life but rather my mind should think how I can live a happier life? And all this not from a spiritual perspective but from the perspective of living a life in healthy body-mind? Yes, money is necessary but it cannot define happiness. Can we grow more intelligent to make use of money rather being overwhelmed by it?

 And though, I am writing as “we” in the above lines, I am actually asking these questions for myself, I do not intend to ask these questions to others. I am just wondering how I can change myself for better.

 How I wish, Lot of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances should have attended this program. Moreover, I myself felt like going for my own mental check up, not because something is wrong with me, but just because what may come up tomorrow, maybe I could avoid that, by taking action on it even before it presents itself openly in the behavior. As such, behavior is just the expression of what is already inside.


4 thoughts on “Are we doing well, mentally??

    1. It was a beautiful experience to be a part of My Mind Matters. The program was one of its kind and a complete eye-opener. The approach used to convey the message to people was brilliant. Looking forward to attending more such workshops. It was very well organised.

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