Month: November 2015

My first blog – its about TV

Alright….!! So here I am with my first experiment of writing a blog. And yes, having mixed feelings about it. Well, you know how it feels to express to others when you know the person you are sharing with. And this is really quite different to share my thoughts, with the people who I do not know about. Being on the internet and having this blog here, is going to be an open invitation to whoever feels “interesting” reading my blog.

So, let me start with what I have on my mind right now. TV – the idiot box – the box that makes people couch-potatoes.

The kind of life we are living today, we have become too lonely, even when we are at times surrounded by people all around us. And when we are all alone (physically) in our room/house/home/PG space.. whatever…the TV comes very handy to make us feel we are not that alone. Just by hearing the sounds of people talking around us, sometimes, we feel, yes I am in a human place, I am in a human society and not in a jungle, in a far away secluded place. TV, the closest mate of a lonely person, to fulfill the need of “being with someone” when no one is able to spare some time for you…..though in a false manner, as TV can not really connect back to you. Its a one-way connection, unlike 2 friends talking to each other. Only TV talks/shows and we listen/see. Never the less, it can actually help you forget your loneliness. And in this world of alluring exposures, TV is one of such mediums that can at times connect with the world, and at other times can disconnect from your own self. It all depends on what are you watching and what is your mindset.

So, either you are feeling lonely/low or then you are occupied with too many thoughts (unnecessarily). You just want to forget this whole crowd of thoughts occupying the space of your mind, which should have been occupied by peace and creative thoughts, rather than the messy flights of thoughts. I have seen people watching some or the other channel just to come out of this crowd of thoughts. TV surely helps them come out and forget the mess.

I personally have watched TV on so many different occasions and different mental frames/moods. So many times I felt carried away by the program that I was watching, it made me forget all the thought processes that I was going thru, all that space that I was feeling inside, and suddenly , the program took me to a different world. The scene on the screen triggers of some emotions in you, the events on the screen make you feel “oh wow, so nice” or even opposite, “eeeks”, “so bad” etc. etc.. I feel, its just the nature of the human mind to find some solace in dreams/day-dreams, and TV comes the best alternative to day-dreaming. Well, there is a huge industry working for it, for entertaining you, me, and many other souls deprived of happiness. Otherwise, why would we watch tv. We watch it to feel relaxed, to feel some happiness, to forget some tensions that we have been through the day…isn’t it?

Yes, I agree, everyone does not watch it for the same reason. There are some genuine people out there who would seriously watch the news channel, to keep themselves updated with the current events going on in the locality/state and nation…As well as, there are some sports-nerds, who are glued to the sports channels only. And that reminds me of my father (when I see people watching sports), I remember my father used to say, do not WATCH A GAME, but GO AND PLAY, participate in it and enjoy. It will be very very good for the body-mind. After all body and mind are not two different things(as Osho says). They are two sides of the same coin. The more active your body is, all the more healthy it will be and the mind will be less daydreaming with a healthy and active body like that.

And each type of channel has its own set audience, has its own set program types, and probably set adverts as well. LOL!! For ex: Is there anyone who is watching DD channels?? Do you see the ads that are being aired on those channels? Also, how many of us are actually watching the music programs on the music channels? Be it the traditional DD channels classical music festivals or be it the rock music…..!!

Many a times, when I wanted to watch/listen to some nice music on TV channels, I felt it was more of a cranky thing, rather than making me peaceful. Specially the non-classical one. And I wondered, was it the channel, was it the choice of the music being played by channel or was it the fact, that these days all those music channels are mostly playing the “sellable music” only. Or is it that, that human mind has become so messy that it needs the adventure rides on fast beats of the music, so much so that it can not enjoy the true classical music?? Well, well, well…. its not really my cup of tea to comment on this…All that I see is, that these days there are so many channels, and each one with so many entertainment programs, that include, daily soaps, reality shows on singing or dancing or any other kind of talent and so on. It is a boon for a tired and exhausted person to get lost into the program like Voice of India/Dance India Dance or any other good show.

Me?? I would rather put oil on my head, have a good self-head-massage, put up some slow music and go to bed rather than watching tv when fully exhausted…. 🙂